Who we are

Chatsworth Cheshire sub-acute and medical rehabilitation centre (CCSAMRC) is a 16 bed private Sub-Acute hospital within the Chatsworth Cheshire Village in Croftdene, Chatsworth that provides in-patient nursing care and treatment. A Sub-Acute and Rehabilitation hospital is an independent hospital facility that treats stable patients with Sub-Acute conditions, who require hospitalisation but do not require high technological diagnostic procedures, treatment or surgery. Facilities include: Comfortable, homely environment in a therapeutic environment, 16 Private air-conditioned rooms with TV, Patient dining room and Rehabilitation facilities

What we do

The types of patients that can be treated in a Sub-Acute hospital include:


  • Sarah
    Cheshire sub acute took really good care of my mum during her recovery process. Thank you for giving her such great treatment and making her recovery a quick and enjoyable process.
  • Sanele
    Cheshire sub acute has a great facility! Thank you so much for the great treatment

Our work / programs

Specific services that can be provided (in due course) include:

Wound care

IV therapy

Gastric feeding

Palliative care

Tracheostomy care

Catheter care

Neurological rehabilitation

Orthopaedic rehabilitation

Chronic & long-term care

Post-chemotherapy care

Cardiac rehabilitation

Patient self-care education

Our team approach


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