Patient Rights


Your right to privacy is of primary importance to us. All information disclosed to staff members remains highly confidential. Information regarding a specific patient may only be disclosed with the formal consent of the patient or in certain situations, the patient’s family.

Family meetings

Meetings are held with the family members and the CHESHIRE SUB-ACUTE inter-disciplinary team. The family meetings provide a platform for the involved parties to discuss a patient’s diagnosis, the team’s goals for a patient, and any challenges or barriers that may be faced, up until the time the patient may be discharged.

Out-patient services

You may be referred for out-patient therapy; these services ensure that patients continue to receive the therapeutic treatment that they need in order to remain as safe and independent as possible at home. We focus on what patients will need to be able to accomplish in their daily lives. Our team works with patients to formulate the therapy strategy that is best suited to their specific needs and circumstances.